A Positive Impact on Test Scores

My students have gotten very used to the idea of moving while they work. In my opinion, it has worked wonders for them. Not only have I witnessed an improvement in behavior, but in the quality of work they produce. Additionally, I noticed an improvement in their attention spans and in my test scores. Of course, there is more to teaching than test scores. However, I am held accountable for the progress my students have or have not made throughout the year. When I find something that I truly believe works, I love to share it with other teachers. And I really believe that having active seating in my classroom has had a positive impact on my test scores.

When you walk into my classroom, you will see kids bouncing on exercise ball chairs. Some are rocking on wobble stools, and others are riding stationary bicycles. And yes, I said in my CLASSROOM. While this may seem like a shock to people who are accustomed to desks and chairs that force students to sit still, those in education who are familiar with some of the most popular trends will know: This is a kinesthetic classroom!

Parents are SUPER Impressed!

One of my favorite times of the school year is the very beginning of the year when I meet all my new students and parents. I love to see their faces when they come into the room and hear all their comments. The parents are usually blown away with the types of seating their child will have available to them, and the students are so excited to try them out. Overall, parents LOVE the idea that their children will be active.

Many parents comment on the health benefits for their child. Other parents say that they are so glad their “fidgety” child will be able to move in the classroom. A few will say, “My child will never be able to focus sitting there.” However, I explain to them that it is actually quite the opposite. From my experience, I never had one child with focusing issues that active seating had a negative impact on. What I see is quite the opposite. Most students who tend to lose focus or daydream easily seem to be much more engaged and get more work done when they are moving. It gives their body something to keep it busy while they focus.

I am so glad that I made the change to kinesthetic seating in my classroom. I think at first when the idea was presented to me, I was a little hesitant. It seemed like it could create chaos or disorder. But after seeing it firsthand in my classroom, I know that I could not have made a better choice for my students. The difference it has made in behavior, attentiveness, and even test scores is better than anything else I’ve tried in my classroom, and I absolutely love it.