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At-Home Activities & Resources

We want to support you during this difficult time. Here are some at-home resources and activity ideas you can share with your students, family, fellow teachers, and schools. Thank you for your commitment to keeping students active and engaged. 

-Moving Minds 

Importance of Physical Activity While Working from Home

Working from home presents many challenges for teachers and parents. We are in unchartered waters of trying to continue to work while helping our kids continue to learn and complete school assignments. None of this is easy! While teachers are at home with their own kids, it’s still important to incorporate physical activity throughout the [...]

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Daily Brain Breaks You Can Do At Home – Week 2

Monday Last week we went over some beginner yoga movements such as the cat pose and the upward dog pose. Multiple research studies have demonstrated positive outcomes of yoga on students’ mental health such as reduced stress and anxiety (Sarkissian et al., 2018), reduced behavioral issues (Martinez & Zhao, 2018), and improved classroom climate (Roeser [...]

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Daily Brain Breaks You Can Do At Home – Week 1

Monday Start with learning and teaching some beginner yoga poses. Here are a few to start with: Cat and Cow Pose • Begin on hands and knees --Hands beneath shoulders and knees beneath hips --Back flat, eyes looking at floor • Inhale and arch spine upward, tuck tailbone, bend neck, and look underneath body (Cat) [...]

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SPARK Offers Free At-Home Resources

SPARK is offering support for teachers and parents while they are teaching students and children from home. SPARKfamily Members can access the complete Digital Curriculum with digital files of all content, view instructional videos of SPARK activities and dances, use interactive alignment and assessment tools, access hundreds of skill and task cards – English and [...]

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5 Steps to Facilitate Our Students’ Growth During Challenging Times

Well, here we are. It is 8:30am on a Wednesday morning and I am sitting in my home “office” looking out a window listening to my kids racing through our home at an unprecedented speed. I am pretty sure my two-year-old just set a land speed record. These next few days, weeks—or dare I say [...]

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Social Distancing and Physical Activity: How to Keep Students Active at Home

COVID-19. Social distancing. Outbreak. R-naught. These buzzwords and phrases are new to all and scary to many in 2020. “Flatten the curve” is another phrase that you might be familiar with. The intent is for individuals to use smart self-care practices and self-isolate by physically distancing themselves from others. These practices are anticipated to reduce [...]

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Seasonal Changes and Children’s Physical Activity: How to Create Active Indoor Recess

As colder weather approaches for most of us, it is wise to think about ways we can still provide the activity and movement breaks that children inherently need and want, even if time outdoors is not an option during school time. Research supports the notion that children are more active during spring than winter, and [...]

Educational Activities for Summertime

Studies show, that kids typically regress one reading level or more over summer break! As a teacher and a mom, I’m constantly looking for ways to keep my kids engaged in reading and math over the summer while not sitting in front of electronics to prevent the summer slide. Besides the obvious benefits of fresh [...]

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