Be our Guest! Inviting Community Members to Your Classroom!

Thematic teaching is a great active learning strategy and a fun way to bring health and fitness into your classroom! Not only do I get to teach what I’m passionate about during our healthy bodies unit, but I also get to involve my families and other community members too. One great way to incorporate health [...]

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Create a Movement Bank for Unique Classroom Activities Every Time!

Picture this: You stop the class to allow a movement break, and you choose an oldie but a goodie – do the number of jumping jacks equal to the correct math problem shown. The students comply, but you can tell they might be getting a bit bored. It’s time to switch up your classroom activities! [...]

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Take a Seat… or Don’t: Small Seating Changes to Increase Movement in the Classroom

As a Kindergarten teacher, I’m always looking for quick and easy ways to get my students moving without taking up a lot of instructional time. I use a variety of flexible seating options to help meet this goal. Starting into my third year of teaching I realized something, I HATED traditional seats and the amount [...]

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Jumping to Learn: Using a Fitness Trampoline in Your Classroom

As a physical education teacher, I use fitness trampolines in my program to teach about health-related fitness and intensity level training. My school’s sensory room has a fitness trampoline to help meet the needs of special education students. I find fitness trampolines to be a fun, safe, and effective tool for schools to increase classroom [...]

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Physical Activity Cards: Organize and Plan Your School Day

The more I work with classroom teachers, the more I realize how swamped they are with excessive responsibilities. From planning and grading to organizing and decision-making, the list goes on. So, as someone who is passionate about classroom physical activity, I realize the importance of making it as simple and user-friendly as possible for teachers [...]

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Including Students in Physical Activity Promotion

It is often said that schools should be a place to teach respect and responsibility to students (Lickert, 1991). While young children are strongly influenced by teachers, as they age, peers become more important especially when it comes to classroom physical activity and motivation (Salvy et al., 2009). When we incorporate the notion of friends [...]

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“Spin-to-Win” with Fit-N-Spin Classroom Activities

The Fit-N-Spin is a simple and versatile teaching tool that has helped me infuse classroom activity while integrating a variety of academic content areas. Whether it was a game show review or matchmaker memory game to challenge students, we all enjoyed the “spin-to-win” theme the Fit-N-Spin brought to the classroom experience. With the Fit-N-Spin, a [...]

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Classroom Movement: To Cycle or Glide?

Successful schools are intentional about providing opportunities for classroom movement throughout the school day and supporting the active classroom model. One way schools do this is through the use of brain boosts or activity breaks scattered throughout the day. My school has now expanded beyond these and added classroom fidget options and active seating. I’ve [...]

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Standing Desks in the Classroom

As humans, we were made to move! Unfortunately, schools are very sedentary places in which students are often rewarded for sitting still. This not only negatively affects their health, but it affects their behavior and learning. Numerous studies have been conducted finding that any and all movement, benefits students at school. One simple way for [...]

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