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Increase physical activity throughout the school day with classroom activities! Help students transition to the next activity with ease, while boosting student’s mood. Classroom activities can help create cooperation, and can improve test scores!

How to Integrate Movement into the Season of Gratitude

As Thanksgiving approaches, gratitude and thankfulness trickle to the forefront. We know that gratitude can improve physical and mental health through better sleep, higher immunity rates, lowered depression and anxiety and reduced risk of disease (UCLA Health, 2023). Following are some ideas for how we can integrate gratitude with movement for our students: Complimentary Post-Its [...]

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2 Easy Yoga Poses for the Classroom

After students have breakfast and get settled into class for the morning routine, often teachers find themselves having to keep students from dozing off or laying down their heads. To get the day started with increased blood flow to the brain, teachers can try different types of mindful movements to begin the day for students, [...]

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Halloween Activity Break Ideas

In anticipation of holiday events with your students, it’s always a good idea to plan out some movement ideas to go along with the food and more stationary activities during parties and celebrations. Most schools celebrate Halloween. The day is typically associated with candy and sweets, so it can be a great opportunity to educate [...]

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Teach Juggling to Change Up the Pace

So, you’re an elementary teacher and you wonder why I’m suggesting including juggling, right? Well, one, it can be done in small spaces like your classroom, two, plastic grocery bags make for good scarves, and three, it can be good for the brain! From your experience with children, I’m sure you know avoiding sedentary behavior [...]

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Group Recess Games to Invigorate Kids’ Activity

As the school year winds down and the weather gets warmer, we tend to give students more opportunities to go out for recess. In case you haven’t noticed, kids don’t know how to play anymore, especially when they have the freedom to choose what they want to do. They hang around the teachers or sit [...]

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Are Classroom Movement Breaks Working?

So you've implemented classroom movement breaks, but are they working? Our study on The Walking Classroom says they are. Learn more about the study and how to know if classroom movement breaks work for your students. In our study on The Walking Classroom, which is a series of audio recordings of academic content students listen [...]

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5G: Motivating Teachers to Implement Movement Breaks

5G is the latest version of cellular technology, designed to increase the speed of wireless networks. Just as phones and cellular service companies need updates and means to improve their value, schools need different techniques to encourage teachers to offer (or offer more) movement breaks. If the motivation to allow students to do activity breaks [...]

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The Spacing Effect: Retain More Information using Activity Breaks

What if I told you that naps may actually help students retain information? It may seem counter-intuitive, but taking breaks has been shown to help people remember more. This concept is called the “spacing effect”. Much like how we learn best with sports skills, cognitive performance is improved if we provide multiple learning sessions with [...]

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4 Active Learning Activities for College Students

While the 10-minute limit on attention span for college students has not been effectively evinced, we do know there is an inverse relationship between the length of lecture and retention of material learned during that time. Additionally, Bradbury suggests that teachers matter more than the teaching format/length of the class. Thus, active learning at all [...]

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