Engaging minds through physical activity


Is Student Health a Teacher’s Responsibility?

Recent reports show that 1 out of 5 adolescents are now prediabetic, meaning they have high blood sugar levels, but not quite high enough to be diagnosed as having type 2 diabetes (Andes et al., 2019). Unfortunately, there aren’t consistent outward signs or symptoms for prediabetes, so until someone has moved to type 2 diabetes, [...]

RunningBrooke: Making a Positive Community Impact

Whether in the classroom or in the community, it’s very important to keep children physically active. An easy way to both get our kids active, and get involved in your community, is to become a champion for change. In the third blog of our interview series with Brooke Sydnor Curran, she explains the importance of [...]

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Anxiety and Movement: Overcoming the Fidgets

The Anxiety and Depression Association of America (2018) reports that 12 to 25% of children have anxiety disorders. That is one or more out of every eight children. This equates to potentially three or four students in your class who are carrying the weight of anxiety on their shoulders. Children with this disorder are considered [...]

Finding Grants to Support Your Active Classroom

I had a colleague that once said that the best way to solve problems was with creative writing.Matt Levine, Brand Manager Money does not grow on trees—because it is mostly cotton and linen, and cotton only grows into a tree if left unharvested. And since money is made, that means cotton was harvested, and you [...]

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How Yoga and Mindfulness Saved My Classroom

“I did yoga with my students last year, mainly in my first block class. They said it helped their focus for the remainder of the day and helped reduce the stress of homework and outside things.” – Mac Underwood-Cohick, Physical Education and Health Teacher, The Ensworth School, Nashville, TN “I’ve used yoga with my classes [...]

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RunningBrooke: Engaging Educators to Create Engaging Classrooms

When it comes to introducing activity in the classroom, many educators often wonder where to start. Brooke Sydnor Curran, Founder and CEO of RunningBrooke, makes it her goal to assist teachers and principals as they incorporate more activity into their classrooms and schools. In the latest installment of our interview series with Brooke, she explains [...]

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Active Seating and the 21st Century Classroom

The look and feel of classrooms is changing. If it hasn’t already happened in your school or classroom, perhaps it’s time that it should! Flexible seating, dynamic seating, active classroom – call it what you wish, but it’s time for the classroom to get an update. Yes, I know change can be difficult! We expect [...]

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Starting Off the Year On Both Feet

With the school year approaching, a large and growing body of research suggests that physical activity should be part of every classroom, regardless of grade or content area. A physically active classroom can and should be natural to the school learning experience. Whether it be as mundane as partnering with another student to discuss new [...]

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