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Halloween Activity Break Ideas

In anticipation of holiday events with your students, it’s always a good idea to plan out some movement ideas to go along with the food and more stationary activities during parties and celebrations. Most schools celebrate Halloween. The day is typically associated with candy and sweets, so it can be a great opportunity to educate [...]

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Top Products for the New School Year!

Now that the school year is underway, your protocols and procedures are probably established, and there’s room to add some movement breaks for the students to get their wiggles out! Allowing children to move and be active helps facilitate learning with memory retention and increased concentration. Below I share some of Moving Minds’ top products [...]

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Integrating Movement Breaks into Back to School Night

Back to School Night (aka Meet the Teacher or Open House) may be approaching soon for you, and one effective way to engage your students, family members, and parents/guardians is to grab their attention with movement breaks during their visit to your classroom. Depending on how the event is organized, there are various ways to [...]

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Behavior Management and Organization Tips for the Classroom

Summer break is here! Enjoy a little time away from the classroom. But… as you mentally prepare for the coming year, the most sound advice I can give is to spend ample time in behavior management and organization. The more effectively this is done at the beginning of the year, the more time that can [...]

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How to Create a Sensory Space in Your Classroom

Having a sensory space in your classroom provides students with a quiet and calm area to re-focus. Sometimes all a student needs is something to distract them from the current environment/situation in order to reset the brain for the task at hand. As a teacher, if you notice a student needs to have a break [...]

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Seated Yoga Poses for Adolescent Students

Encouraging middle school and high school students to move can be a challenge, especially in a classroom setting. Anything high intensity or vigorous may be de-motivating. One suggestion to get them at least moving at a light intensity level is seated yoga. Below are some seated yoga poses that you may lead your students through [...]

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Are Classroom Movement Breaks Working?

So you've implemented classroom movement breaks, but are they working? Our study on The Walking Classroom says they are. Learn more about the study and how to know if classroom movement breaks work for your students. In our study on The Walking Classroom, which is a series of audio recordings of academic content students listen [...]

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How to Refresh Your Classroom Space

Summer’s here! The new school year will start in August or September for most of us. Ready for a new and fresh space? Start with a mental inventory of your class seating by scanning the room and counting the number of spaces available for students to sit or stand while learning. A 1:1 seat to [...]

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4 Types of Classroom Spaces

Creating different spaces in your classroom is a great way for students to unwind and collect their emotions throughout the day. Calming corners, mindfulness zones, and sensory spaces are just a few ideas to get you started. Use this article to create a space that will work for you, your classroom, and students. Here are [...]

Incorporating Students with Special Needs into Movement Breaks

All students are special in their own ways. Some have more difficulty listening and following directions while others may struggle to move their bodies the way they want to. When you give your class the chance to move, it’s important to make activity as accessible to all students to the best extent possible. Often, it [...]

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