Moving Minds was founded in 2015 to bridge the gap in the niche of active classrooms, flexible seating, kinesthetic learning—whatever you’d like to call it. And, as we kick off 2020, we are excited to still be the brand that thrives in the niche of active classrooms.

Each day, our team comes to work to figure out how to solve the problems taking place in 21st century classrooms. We constantly ask ourselves, “How can we help a student learn better? How can we make a teacher’s job a bit easier? What do students need to be most effective in their classrooms?” And I truly believe we are one of the only companies in the market working to solve these problems from the lens of kinesthetic classroom furniture.

2020 is going to be a big year for Moving Minds. We have some great new products coming together that we hope will continue to shape how we look at learning and classroom spaces. We know that learning can happen everywhere, and we want our products to help educators achieve their goals. Inside. Outside. In rows. In pods. Learning solo. Collaborating.

2020 is the year of the niche, and we hope to own it. While our industry works tirelessly to make sure classrooms look active, we are here to ensure that our classrooms actually are active.

Cheers to 2020!