Studies show that incorporating physical activity and movement into the school day helps improve student behavior, attendance, and academic achievement. So, how do you get students moving in your classroom? It’s easy! Check out the infographic below for 10 equipment-free classroom movement activities that get students moving.

1. Do the Wave

Take a hint from sporting events and between classroom “innings,” take time to do the wave.

2. Practice Math Outside

Incorporate movement into your math lessons. Students can count steps and jumps, or practice formulas while jumping rope or shooting baskets.

3. Make Mirrors

Have partners face each other and designate one student as the leader. The other student follows his movements.

4. Play Active Rock, Paper, Scissors

Assign movements to rock, paper, and scissors. Students can pair up, jump 3 times in place, and then choose their position. Best of 3 wins.

5. Do an Old- School Dance

Load motion-focused vintage songs – such as “The Twist,” “Hand Jive,” and “Hokey-Pokey”- to your iPod and do the dances together.

6. Use a Standing Desk as a Reward

Get a standing desk and reward students with the opportunity to use them during a lesson.

7. Take a Walk Before Tests

Before a test, lead the classroom in a short walking break to help them unwind and increase focus.

8. Spelling Toss

Call out a spelling word, then toss one student a ball to spell it. For faster throwing, have students name one letter in the word at a time.

9. Lunge it Out

Show students how to complete standing and walking lunges. Have them do a series of each in 1-minute intervals.

10. Roll Fitness Dice

Make or purchase fitness dice, and every hour on the hour, roll them and have the students enact a series of whatever exercise comes up.

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Infographic Classroom Movement Activities