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A Comfortable Outdoor Writing Surface for Students

Mrs. Val Seath was teaching her 2nd grade class outside when she noticed her students having a hard time comfortably writing. Their papers and clothes were getting wet from the dew, students had to sit on hard surfaces, and assignments were flapping in the wind. With learning outside becoming more frequent for her class, she [...]

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4 Types of Classroom Spaces

Creating different spaces in your classroom is a great way for students to unwind and collect their emotions throughout the day. Calming corners, mindfulness zones, and sensory spaces are just a few ideas to get you started. Use this article to create a space that will work for you, your classroom, and students. Here [...]

3 Tips for an Active Indoor Recess

Cold weather is approaching, which means planning for indoor recess when temps reach low numbers. Indoor recess can become sedentary day after day, but it doesn't have to be with a bit of planning and creativity. Use these 4 tips and ideas for your next indoor recess day! Implementing Technology-Free Days It's easy for students [...]

Create a Flexible Learning Space with Classroom Planner

Have you been dreaming about adding a flexible learning space in your classroom or school? Or maybe redesigning or upgrading an existing space? Let us help make your dreams come true with! It’s easy! Simply tell us about your space and we will provide you with a custom list of products and a 3D [...]

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6 Halloween-Themed Yoga Poses for Students

There are many benefits to yoga such as improving self-awareness and boosts attitude, has a positive impact on mental health, and is an easy way to get your students moving. Little to no equipment is needed for this fun activity. We recommend using yoga mats for comfort and sanitary purposes. In the midst of spooky-season, [...]

Help Students Express Emotion in the Classroom with These 3 Tools

Social emotional learning concepts have become even more prominent in schools and classrooms, not only providing students the skills to cope with their emotions, but also: Develop healthy identities  Achieve personal and collective goals  Feel and show empathy for others  Establish and maintain supportive relationships  Make responsible and caring decisions  Improve grades and attendance  Use [...]

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Flexible Seating Ideas From Teachers

Studies have shown that when students move, they are more engaged, and it helps boosts their mood. A way to get more movement in the classroom is with flexible seating! Dr. Brad Johnson started a conversation around flexible seating with a tweet asking teachers how they have their flexible seating space set up and what furniture [...]

Active Seating in a Special Education Classroom

Fidgeting and movement come naturally to all of us, especially to young learners. Instead of suppressing those actions, Staphany Wesely, a special education teacher, says she promotes movement in her class! Continue reading to learn why she added active seating to her classroom and the improvements she’s seen from her students.  Staphany Wesely Tell us a little about yourself! S: I am [...]

Outdoor Class Activity Calendar for May

As the weather continues to get warmer, it is the perfect time to take advantage and bring your class outdoors! Breathe in the fresh air, plan an activity, and see the positive results in your students.  Did you know: Nature restores students’ attention, relieves stress, and can make students more engaged!  Use this free calendar packed with outdoor activities and movement breaks as an easy and [...]

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