Get students moving and learning with these equipment-free classroom activity breaks! The research shows that active students learn better – they are more focused, have better attitudes, and perform better throughout the school day. So what’s stopping you? Add more physical activity to your class’ daily routine with these five simple, yet effective ideas.

1. Movement Stations

Make signs designating 3 movement stations. Assign different movement to the stations each day. Divide students into 3 groups and assign them their stations, rotating throughout the activity period or day.

2. Pump (Backpack) Iron

Use students’ backpacks with one or two books inside as “kettlebell” weights for basic arm curls and arm raises.

3. Quiz in Motion

Review a unit or study for a test by asking your students a series of true-or-false questions. If the question is true, students should perform jumping jacks. If it is false, they should touch their toes. Change the motions up for each session.

4. Walk a Tightrope

Place a piece of masking tape in a line across the room and invite students to walk the line like a balance beam.

5. Host the Olympics

Instruct students to mimic various sports movements for 15 seconds. Serve tennis balls, bump volleyballs, block a jump shot, catch footballs… the possibilities are endless.

Classroom Activity Breaks Infographic