Start with learning and teaching some beginner yoga poses. Here are a few to start with:

Cat and Cow Pose

Moving Minds Daily Brain Breaks Weeks 1

• Begin on hands and knees
–Hands beneath shoulders and knees beneath hips
–Back flat, eyes looking at floor
• Inhale and arch spine upward, tuck tailbone, bend
neck, and look underneath body (Cat)
• Hold for 3-4 breaths
• Exhale, arch back downward, tailbone up in the air,
head up (Cow)
• Hold for 3-4 breaths

Upward Dog Pose

• Lie face down
–Elbows bent, close to the body
–Hands alongside chest
• Inhale and push through hands, lift body
–Chest and hips raised
–Look straight ahead
–Knees, shins, and toes on floor
• Hold for 3-4 breaths
• Exhale, slowly lower body

Chair Pose

• Stand, feet hip-width apart, toes forward
• Inhale, slowly bend knees
• Sit back into chair position, thighs parallel to
• Raise arms in front of body
–Palms facing each other
–Weight in heels
• Hold for 2-3 breaths
• Exhale, rise to standing position

If you would like to learn and teach more yoga poses download these helpful lessons from Achieve PE:


True or False Statements

Say a statement related to a current lesson. If the statement is true, have your child stand up and touch their toes. If the statement is false, they would skip in place.


Fitness Hide and Seek

Hide an object (toy or household) around the house or specific room. Then, in the same area hide sticky notes with fitness ideas (3 push-ups, 5 jumping jacks) written on them. Have your child try to find the object in a set amount of time. If they find a sticky note before they find the object, they have to do the fitness idea written on it.



Create an indoor hopscotch pattern with tape or numbered sticky notes. You could even turn this into a craft time project by painting numbers onto cardboard pieces. If the weather permits, head out to the driveway or sidewalk with some chalk and create a hopscotch pattern there.


Dance Party

Turn on a favorite song and dance around the house to get those wiggles out!

Moving Minds Daily Brain Breaks Weeks 1

Check back next week for new daily brain break ideas!