With kids at home until the fall, we can’t think of a better activity than movement mazes to keep them active and occupied. You may have seen these popular movement mazes taking classroom hallways by storm. Now, the reality is distance learning and working remotely from home. But that hasn’t stopped teachers, parents, and students from getting in physical activity throughout their day!

Movement Mazes are great for kids at home to design and create, can serve as artistic outlets, and more importantly, can provide great opportunities for physical activity and brain breaks. Social media has exploded with new movement maze videos and ideas. We’ve decided to highlight some of our favorites and hopefully inspire your next driveway or neighborhood maze!

In a previous blog we discussed what movement mazes are and why teachers and students are loving them. Not only are movement mazes fun to hop, jump, and skip through, but studies show students who move more learn better!

Here are movement maze ideas that were created at home:

Outdoor Movement Maze Ideas


Indoor Obstacle Course


Secret Maze


Now It’s Your Turn

It’s time for you to try out some of these ideas at home! Record a video of you or a family member creating and using a movement maze, post it on social media, and don’t forget to tag us @movingmindsco! We will share and retweet our favorites to highlight how you are staying active during this time.