Nature restores students’ attention, relieves stress, and can make students more engaged! Use these 3 steps to create your own outdoor learning space for your class.

1. Plan Your Space 

The first step to creating your outdoor learning space is to plan where your space is going to be. The great thing about bringing your classroom outdoors is that you really just need open space, whether it’s right outside your classroom or on a field located on school grounds (with permission, of course). If you’re planning to bring seating out with your class, then you might not want to stray too far. 

2. Pick Your Seating 

Students can sit on the grass or blankets, if provided. Here are some seats that can be used for indoor and outdoor use! 

The ergoErgo Seats are colorful, ergonomic, rock in any direction and provide a fun, active way for kids to sit! They’re made of durable plastic, perfect for bringing outdoors. 

Secondary, Complete Set - outdoor learning space
ergoErgo Seats

The Tenjam Active Seats are environmentally-friendly and 100% recycled plastic construction. The durable construction makes the seats an ideal solution for creating outdoor classrooms or a comfortable indoor study space for students. When used both indoors and out, wipe the bottom of the seat to ensure no dirt, rocks, or other debris is tracked back inside the school. 

Complete Set, Cubes - outdoor learning space
Tenjam Active Seats

Inspire creativity and improve focus with Vidget 3-in-1 Active Seats that provides an active environment for younger students. Turn it for a stool or turn it again to create a workspace! Unique design also allows for resistance bands to be utilized while students sit. Lightweight yet durable polyethylene is easy to clean. Recessed handles with nobs give hands a designated place when seated and also provide sensory stimulation. A top handle makes them easy to move and features a stacking design for compact, organized storage. 

Vidget™ 3-in-1 Active Seat
Vidget 3-in-1 Active Seats

Whether students prefer a shady spot under a tree or a nook in the library, they can work or read in comfort on HybrED Beanbag Loungers. The beanbag’s shape contours to the student’s body, providing back support and relaxed ergonomics. The seat is wrapped in fade, mold, and weather-resistant acrylic material that is washable for easy cleaning and increased durability in the elements. 

Individual Chair, Regular, Outdoor
HybrED Beanbag Loungers

3. Include Fun Activities 

Spending time outdoors is a great opportunity to fit fun activities in your day! Here are some of our favorites: 

Reading Time 

Tell your class to bring a book or homework with them as you head outside for some reading time! 

Name Game 

Have your students walk around and find 5 things that start with the first letter of your name. Bring a notepad with to write them down. Then, if you do this activity again try to find 5 new things that start with the first letter of their name! 


Multiple research studies have demonstrated positive outcomes of yoga on students’ mental health, such as reduced stress and anxiety, reduced behavioral issues, and improved classroom climate. So, head outside and do a few yoga poses with your class! 

The great thing about the activities mentioned above is that they can also be implemented inside your classroom. Rain or shine, it’s important to keep your students moving throughout the day!