As the weather continues to get warmer, it is the perfect time to take advantage and bring your class outdoors! Breathe in the fresh air, plan an activity, and see the positive results in your students. 

Did you know: Nature restores students’ attention, relieves stress, and can make students more engaged! 

Use this free calendar packed with outdoor activities and movement breaks as an easy and fun way to get outside this month! Below are instructions to each outdoor activity. 


Here are 4 yoga poses to introduce to your class. Set reps for each exercise based on the age of your students. 

Knee Lifts 

  • Stand, feet shoulder-width apart, toes forward 
  • Inhale, lift one leg until knee is bent at 90° 
  • Hold for 2-3 breaths 
  • Exhale, slowly lower leg 
  • Repeat on opposite side 

Plank to Downward Facing Dog 

  • Face floor – Arms extended directly beneath shoulders, on toes (Plank) 
  • Hold for 3-4 breaths 
  • Inhale 
  • Bend at hips and upward into Downward Facing Dog 
  • Hold for 3-4 breaths 
  • Exhale 
  • Lower to Plank 

Cat and Cow Pose 

Moving Minds Daily Brain Breaks Weeks 1
  • Begin on hands and knees 
    • Hands beneath shoulders and knees beneath hips 
    • Back flat, eyes looking at floor 
  • Inhale and arch spine upward, tuck tailbone, bend neck, and look underneath body (Cat) 
  • Hold for 3-4 breaths 
  • Exhale, arch back downward, tailbone up in the air, head up (Cow) 
  • Hold for 3-4 breaths


Upward Dog Pose 

  • Lie face down 
    • Elbows bent, close to the body 
    • Hands alongside chest 
  • Inhale and push through hands, lift body 
    • Chest and hips raised 
    • Look straight ahead 
    • Knees, shins, and toes on floor 
  • Hold for 3-4 breaths 
  • Exhale, slowly lower body 

Movement Mazes 

Create outside movement mazes with chalk! Students can work individually or partner up to create a movement maze; and when they’re done have them demonstrate it for the whole class. 

Name Game 

Have your students bring a notepad and write down 8 things they find around the area that start with the first letter of their first name. 

STEAM Natural Artistry 

We borrowed this idea from our friends at STEM Supplies! Check out their blog for more outdoor activity ideas

While outdoors, collect foliage, leaves, wildflowers, etc. and encourage your students to create a one-of-a-kind piece of art. Whether it is 3D or on a piece of paper is up to them! Here are some ideas: 

  • Self-portrait/ family portrait 
  • Dream home 
  • Pet 
  • Favorite movie character 
  • Favorite vacation 

Reading Time 

Take a few minutes to get some leisurely reading in. Bring your indoor/outdoor seating and get lost in another world. Make sure to set a timer! 

True or False Statements 

Say a statement related to a current lesson. If the statement is true, have your student stand up and touch their toes. If the statement is false, they would skip in place. This outdoor activity can be played many ways! 


Head out to the blacktop or sidewalk with some chalk or paper and tape to create a hopscotch pattern! 

Animal Movements 

It’s time to get silly outside! Call out an animal and have your students mimic its movement. For example, if you call out “frog,” your students would hop on all fours like a frog. To make this more educational, have your students mimic the animal and shout out a fun fact about the animal. 

This or That 

Read off a variety of options and have your students identify if they prefer “this” or “that” by moving to the left for “this” and to the right for “that.” Options include, but are not limited to, math/reading, recess/lunch, music/art, fruits/vegetables, sing/listen, and sweet/sour. 

Movement Stations 

Make signs designating 3 movement stations. Here’s an example of what your movements stations could look like: 

1 – Hold a wall sit for as long as you can. 

2 – Hold a plank position for as long as you can. 

3 – Do 20 jumping jacks. 


For this activity, have your students bring out seating options that are safe for indoor/outdoor use, such as blankets or our HybrED Beanbags. Using phrases such as “floor is lava” and “Andy is coming” is a fun way to get active throughout the day. When using the phrase “floor is lava,” your students must (safely) get on a piece of furniture or object so they are no longer touching the grass. When using the phrase “Andy is coming” your students must lay on the ground like a toy. This outdoor activity could also be played on the playground! 

Sports Movements 

Instruct your students to mimic various sports movements for 15 seconds. Serve tennis balls, bump volleyballs, block a jump shot, catch footballs… the possibilities are endless! 

Code Walk 

Another great idea from STEM Supplies! Take a walk around the school building or create your own path. Have your students bring along a notebook and code their directions using arrows and directions. 

There are so many benefits to bringing your students outside! We hope you find these outdoor activities fun and easy to implement in your day.