The fall semester seemed to roll in this year like a freight train. So many questions were still pending about COVID. Will there be a vaccine for all students? Will it still be an issue with a vaccine for adults? Can classrooms go back to “normal” with less focus on distancing and more focus on everything else? As we enter the middle of October, I think we learned that there were and are a lot of questions for our schools. While classrooms, especially in older ages, were more relaxed than 2020-21, it was not by much.

Shipping and Supply Challenges

We have had other challenges this year as well, most notably in the shipping and supply chain world. Our customers are regularly talking to us about long lead times, struggling to find products they desperately need, and having to deal with going into the school year not knowing what would arrive in time and what would not. We feel your pain, as we are living in that same reality.

The supply chain and shipping issue is probably not going to change a lot for the next many months. Yahoo News recently ran a story talking about our challenges ahead, what has happened to shipping costs, and why we are seeing delays. Soon, we will probably see shipping costs passed on to the consumer (if you are not seeing it already in supermarkets, on technology, etc).

Classroom Challenges

My prediction is that classroom challenges for 2022 will shift, moving from managing the day-to-day issues related to the pandemic (staff shortages, quarantine timelines, social distance, etc.) to issues related to things shifting relatively back to normal next fall and the demand that will come with it. Add in the new funding your districts have the potential to receive and the drive to spend those dollars, and things will be busy.

We want students to the have the best experiences possible in their classrooms. We want a space that is exciting, new, mobile, innovative, and enables great levels of collaborative learning and problem solving to take place. Our design services can help layout plans for what your spaces might look like and can build quotes so that you can begin planning for the financial piece of those adjustments. Our products can help with the learning loss we continue to read about by promoting engagement and efficiencies in information retention in your classrooms.

Products that Promote Engagement in the Classroom

Standing desks – have been shown to increase efficiency by up to 45% in adults.

2022 classroom

Active seating – engages core muscles and promotes positive posture, increasing blood flow to the brain.

2022 classroom

Fidget busters – provide students an outlet in their stations without disrupting their classmates.

2022 classroom

Our team is here to help you out with your learning space needs! Let us know what we can do to make your world a bit easier as you navigate the many challenges you’re facing. Thanks for all you do!