Creating different spaces in your classroom is a great way for students to unwind and collect their emotions throughout the day. Calming corners, mindfulness zones, and sensory spaces are just a few ideas to get you started. Use this article to create a space that will work for you, your classroom, and students.

Here are four different classroom spaces to try in your classroom!

Calming Corner

Calming Corner - Classroom Spaces

Calming corners can create a comfortable environment for your students, away from distractions or loud noises. Soft products and dimming lights can help spaces feel cozy and inviting. Here are a few ideas to get started with your Calming Corner.

List of Products

Mindfulness Nook

Mindfulness Nook - Classroom Spaces

Students can use this space to reflect and collect the emotions they are currently feeling. The products listed below can help encourage students to manage feelings in a constructive way.

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Sensory Space

Sensory Space - Classroom Spaces

Distractions can make students feel overwhelmed and overstimulated. A Sensory space is a place for students to re-focus in a quieter and calmer area.

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Brain Energizer Zone

An area where students can recharge and get their heart rates up can be beneficial for physical and brain health, as well as setting them up for the next classroom activity or lesson!

Brain Energizer Zone

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These ideas for classroom spaces are just a starting point! Create spaces that work for you and your students and evolve them over time. Try incorporating multiple spaces in your classroom at the same time or switching up the space each month, i.e., calm corner for June, brain energizer zone for September, etc.