email inbox

Having a plan to organize my email inbox helps reduce my stress levels so I can be more productive and present in other ways. I was reading about it and came across a helpful blog on “Inbox Zero” that has helped me over the past several years (Davies, 2022). I hope you’ll join me in trying:

  1. Right now – create FOUR FOLDERS in your inbox: Action Required, Awaiting Response, Delegated, and Archived.
  2. As you receive emails, file them into these four folders, leaving your inbox CLEAR!
    • Action Required – emails requiring completion of a task or a follow up
    • Awaiting Response – emails expecting important responses to
    • Delegated – emails we have delegated to others
    • Archived – emails we want out of our inbox without deleting entirely
  3. Follow these rules:
    • Delegate – am I the best person to handle this?
    • Respond – can I respond in two minutes or less? If so, respond and then delete or archive email.
    • Defer – will it take longer than two minutes? Place in action required.
    • Do – can we complete the task in two minutes? If yes, then respond.

Once you get your email account set up, here are three things to keep in mind:

  • 20% of emails will consume 80% of your time. Quickly deal with the 80%, if possible. Then focus on the others.
  • Less is more in emails…use bullet points. No need for long paragraphs, if applicable.
  • Be honest with yourself about priorities; set realistic time expectations. Learn when to say no to achieve inbox zero!

I hope these tips will help you organize your email inbox and relieve some stress so you can focus more on teaching and establishing positive relationships with your students!


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