About Heather Erwin

Heather is a Professor in the Department of Kinesiology and Health Promotion at the University of Kentucky. She is a former physical education teacher, and co-author of Dynamic Physical Education for Secondary School Children, 8ed. Heather was also the recipient of the NASPE Curriculum and Instruction Young Scholar Award and a AAHPERD Research Consortium Fellow.

Seasonal Changes and Children’s Physical Activity: How to Create Active Indoor Recess

As colder weather approaches for most of us, it is wise to think about ways we can still provide the activity and movement breaks that children inherently need and want, even if time outdoors is not an option during school time. Research supports the notion that children are more active during spring than winter, and [...]

Anxiety and Movement: Overcoming the Fidgets

The Anxiety and Depression Association of America (2018) reports that 12 to 25% of children have anxiety disorders. That is one or more out of every eight children. This equates to potentially three or four students in your class who are carrying the weight of anxiety on their shoulders. Children with this disorder are considered [...]

How Yoga and Mindfulness Saved My Classroom

“I did yoga with my students last year, mainly in my first block class. They said it helped their focus for the remainder of the day and helped reduce the stress of homework and outside things.” – Mac Underwood-Cohick, Physical Education and Health Teacher, The Ensworth School, Nashville, TN “I’ve used yoga with my classes [...]

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Springboard to Active Schools: 3 Steps to Success

The Springboard to Active Schools initiative is an online platform that assists teachers, administrators, parents, and other school physical activity leaders with strategies to maximize activity efforts related to Comprehensive School Physical Activity Programs. The Springboard to Active Schools site provides a plethora of information, resources, and training related to classroom physical activity. Specifically, the [...]

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Secondary Movement Breaks

Movement is for Adolescents Too! It’s important not to leave out the population who may need activity the most—adolescents. While movement breaks in elementary school have been embraced, they are not quite a “staple” at the secondary level. If you are a secondary teacher, you may cringe at the thought of leading a group of [...]

How Active Seating Helps Students with ADHD – What??

As teachers, we really want students to be “still” and focused when we are trying to teach them concepts. It just feels right. It gives us the impression that the content we are teaching is actually sinking in. However, it is extremely difficult for students with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) to focus on a [...]

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Using Classroom Physical Activity to Help Students with Mental Health and Anxiety

You hear tear-jerking stories of your students’ home lives all the time. One is being raised by grandparents who are barely healthy enough to walk because they have no health insurance. Another slept on the floor with her four younger siblings last night. Two had no dinner last night, so their last full, healthy meal [...]

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Dynamic Classrooms on College Campuses

When most of us hear about an “active learning classroom”, we envision students engaged in physical activity as a means of recharging their brains or as a novel strategy for teaching an academic concept. But what about at the post-secondary level? Ever thought of that?
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