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Jessica Tice is currently in her fifth year of teaching Kindergarten at Western Elementary in Scott County, Kentucky. She holds a bachelor's degree in Elementary Education and a master's degree in Teacher Leadership and English as a Second Language. Tice is a mom to two very busy boys that are active in school, soccer, and scouts. She enjoys working out daily and instilling that same value in her students by incorporating physical activity and purposeful movement throughout the school day.

Educational Activities for Summertime

Studies show, that kids typically regress one reading level or more over summer break! As a teacher and a mom, I’m constantly looking for ways to keep my kids engaged in reading and math over the summer while not sitting in front of electronics to prevent the summer slide. Besides the obvious benefits of fresh [...]

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Classroom Transition Activities

Smooth and timely transitions are key to a successful classroom! Oftentimes, valuable instruction time can be wasted if students can’t easily transition from one activity to the next. The biggest thing I try to get out of my transition time is that my students are calmed down quickly and ready to focus. Here are five [...]

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Teachers Need to MOVE Too! 5 Tips to Stay Active During the School Day

Most blogs on this site focus on ways to get students up and moving. While increasing activity in the classroom does engage minds and promote learning, it’s also important that I remind myself to MOVE! Let’s be honest, teachers need movement too! Small amounts of movement spread throughout the day helps give me little bursts [...]

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Winter Wakeup Call: How to Motivate Students When It’s Cold Outside

January and February have brought their fair share of snow days and illnesses to my classroom in Kentucky! My, otherwise, normally peppy students are starting to feel the effects of missed days, too many inside recesses, sickness, and early sunsets. The yawns start early in the day and continue throughout the afternoon. Here are some ways I’m trying to get over our winter weather behavior slump!
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Increase Test Scores with Classroom Movement Cues

Earlier this school year, my fifth-grade students spent the day learning about colonial America while also moving their bodies and engaging their minds. We used exercises to connect key vocabulary terms with specific movements. What an effective method to get them to remember the content! This was a great way to get students up and moving for thirty minutes!
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Classroom Fitness: Challenge Students with Fitness Fridays

Friday classroom fitness challenges are a great and quick way to get my students moving! On Fridays, I introduce a new exercise and we practice it a few times throughout the day. Towards the end of the day we see who can do that exercise the most amount of times or hold it for the greatest length of time.
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Be our Guest! Inviting Community Members to Your Classroom!

Thematic teaching is a great active learning strategy and a fun way to bring health and fitness into your classroom! Not only do I get to teach what I’m passionate about during our healthy bodies unit, but I also get to involve my families and other community members too. One great way to incorporate health [...]

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Take a Seat… or Don’t: Small Seating Changes to Increase Movement in the Classroom

As a Kindergarten teacher, I’m always looking for quick and easy ways to get my students moving without taking up a lot of instructional time. I use a variety of flexible seating options to help meet this goal. Starting into my third year of teaching I realized something, I HATED traditional seats and the [...]

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