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Teaching Students How to Self-Start Movement Breaks

In a previous blog, I suggested that teachers give students the autonomy to decide when they need a break and to allow them to take one, as long as they are engaging within parameters set. When you believe you have established appropriate levels of behavior management with your students, use these 4 pointers for giving [...]

How Can Active Seating Play a Role in Helping Struggling Learners?

Active seating can have a huge impact on struggling learners. Most of the time students are expected to sit in traditional seats and often you hear a teacher ask students to sit still as they wiggle in their seats. They are wiggling because they need movement to learn their best. We are expecting that all [...]

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The Role of Active Seating From Students’ & Teachers’ Perspective

It can be a hard adjustment for students going back to the classroom after distanced learning for so long, especially if your classroom is set up for sedentariness. Have you ever wondered what your students thought and felt about their learning environment? Angela Stark, a Health and PE teacher, asked her students how they’re feeling about [...]

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3 Tips to Decrease Sedentary Behavior in Higher Education

If someone asked you to describe what a college classroom looked like, what would you say? My mind pictures an older classroom with tile flooring and desks with one armrest lined up in rows. There’s probably a large table at the front of the room with a computer, and a screen that can be pulled down [...]

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“From Where I Sit”

As many schools are beginning to reopen to in-person learning, the discussion is happening that we need to minimize movement and transitions for our students. It is understandable, however, more than ever our students need to move for physical, mental and emotional health.  From where I sit, as educators we can be creative in how kids move and [...]

Creating Individual Workstations in Your Classroom

Active classrooms are more important now than ever before, and that’s because students (and teachers) will need to adjust from their work from home lifestyle to back to their classrooms. Since learning from home, the day might include moving around more. For example, to grab a drink of water, grab another snack, make lunch, chase [...]

Breaking Down ESSER Funds

Important Abbreviations ESSER  Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief  CARES  Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security  CRRSA  Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations  ARPA American Rescue Plan Act SEA  State Education Agency  LEA  Local Education Agency  ESF  Education Stabilization Fund  Timeline  March 27, 2020: The CARES Act was signed into law, which included $13.2 billion for the [...]

Movement Mazes and Physical Distancing

Movement in our schools has never come under the spotlight quite like it did in 2020/2021. With the concern of contract tracing, student-student contact, student-teacher contact, and the overall spreading of COVID-19, we have seen more and more schools reduce the movement patterns of their students. In reading blogs, social posts, and speaking with educators, [...]

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BrainPrimers – Capitalizing on the Built-In Advantages

The current pandemic has changed the landscape of American education.  Some teachers and students are together in classrooms full-time. Yet others are working in a hybrid model and some are completely virtual. One data point that is concerning is the fact that when the pandemic hit physical activity levels dropped. Physical activity in the teaching [...]

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3 Simple Ways to Measure Activity Break Results

You may have tried the whole “activity break” thing and didn’t feel like it was successful, or that students acted crazier after their break than they did before. In many instances, especially if the idea of activity breaks is fairly new to the students, the novelty may excite them, and they will need strategies for [...]

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