School looks different since the pandemic. It has been challenging to leave the classroom and move all learning to an online format. We miss each other. However, we know it is important to keep up with learning.

That’s why we’re motivated and excited about learning with some of our favorite websites.

One way we stay in contact is Google Meet. We connect with one another and share our stories. As a class we always made sure to share our weekend stories and exciting news, so now we do it virtually.

Another learning site we love is Kahoot, which allows us to learn virtually and have fun together. It is nice to see the friendly competitions continue and be able to practice our math facts. The competitions encourage students to keep practicing skills at home and stay engaged.

We recently began using DreamBox. It is an expansive math program that focuses on student strengths and improves some skills they find challenging. My students love it and have been practicing for roughly 35-40 minutes, twice a week.

It’s Okay to Take Breaks  

Undeniably, remote learning can be challenging. All these changes are certainly overwhelming some days; and I do not want students or parents overly stressed. For me, the health and happiness of my students and their families comes first.

That’s why mindfulness is crucial, especially now, and it’s okay to take a break when remote learning overwhelms. I continue to encourage my students to participate in activities beyond schoolwork. Now is a great time to learn a new hobby or get outside and take walks with family.

Although our communities are not in an ideal situation, teachers will continue to work their very hardest to find engaging activities that get our students involved.  It is important to not be stressed or discouraged under these circumstances.  I try to focus that energy into exploring new learning opportunities for my students.

Stay healthy everyone and thank you to the parents and teachers who continue to give their best effort each day! We will get through this TOGETHER!