About Jaylyn Fisher

My name is Jaylyn Fisher and I am a 5th grade teacher.  My favorite thing about teaching is connecting with the students and getting to be a continuous learner.  I am intrigued by innovative ideas that can benefit my students and I am always willing to try something new.  Our most recent change to our classroom is flexible seating and my students have responded very well to it.  I have seen an increase in confidence, collaboration, and communication. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with family and friends.  I love to go to sporting events and the beach.

How Active Seating Reshaped My Classroom and My Students’ Learning Abilities

As I began my second year of teaching, I realized that I wanted to change my classroom in a pretty drastic way. Throughout college, I read many articles about flexible seating and how it can positively impact student behavior and achievement. I began brainstorming about ways that I could implement similar changes to my classroom [...]

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Practicing Mindfulness with Students

As the pandemic continues, it is important that our students take time away from schoolwork for relaxation. Routines have changed and we’ve had to adapt in many ways to stay healthy. I have found mindfulness to be especially helpful for my students during this time. In the classroom we use apps such as Calm and [...]

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Staying Connected During Remote Learning

School looks different since the pandemic. It has been challenging to leave the classroom and move all learning to an online format. We miss each other. However, we know it is important to keep up with learning. That’s why we’re motivated and excited about learning with some of our favorite websites. One way we stay [...]

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