As the pandemic continues, it is important that our students take time away from schoolwork for relaxation. Routines have changed and we’ve had to adapt in many ways to stay healthy.

I have found mindfulness to be especially helpful for my students during this time. In the classroom we use apps such as Calm and read stories such as “I Am Peace”. An essential skill is being able to calm ourselves down and control our emotions. Even though we are not in the classroom, our mindfulness routines have gone virtual! I thought I would share a few ideas to practice mindfulness at home!

Mindfulness Resources

There are a few apps that guide you to a calmer state. Two of my favorites are Calm and Headspace. Both provide calming experiences to get you back on track and focused on your day. While in class, we listened twice a day. Once during arrival and once after recess. I recommend that students start their day with a mindfulness activity and end their day with one as well. These apps can help alleviate some of the stress that both students and parents may be feeling during this time.

Similar to flexible seating, it is important to allow the mind and body to remain engaged. Some of the mindful activities I have been recommending are creating glitter jars or hand tracing. These activities were some of my students’ favorites and kept them grounded in stressful situations. It is important to relax and take deep breaths when we feel overwhelmed.

We are all in this together and I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying time with their families.