This winter, in collaboration with Dr. Lynne Kenney, leading pediatric psychologist, author, and educator, and Mike Kuczala, educational leader and author of The Kinesthetic Classroom, Moving Minds developed BrainPrimers—a product that we hope will expand the conversation about movement and learning. With the Moving Minds product development team, Mike and Lynne brought their BrainPrimers activity decks to fruition, resulting in an easy-to-implement classroom curriculum that utilizes movement to stimulate our students’ brains.  

Targeting executive function, these movements challenge students and educators to prime the brain for learning. This is just a small sample of BrainPrimers, which we think is a great addition to at-home learning, summer activities, and a fun way to build community and executive function while physically distancing! 

Start your BrainPrimers adventure now with this free download that includes 8 sample cards!

Watch the short video below to hear from Mike and Lynne talk about BrainPrimers, their work, and why it’s so important for educators.