Flexible seating is one of the many educational tools that has taken a back seat this school year. Sanitation and safety have become very important in classrooms and are a top priority for teachers, administrators, and staff. With this shift, many schools have removed flexible seating from classrooms because the seats aren’t easily sanitized or have been deemed “unsafe” due to physical distancing requirements.

As we know, flexible seating encourages concentration, creativity, and efficiency. So, finding safe ways to allow students to stay active and wiggle in their seats is a must. From do-it-yourself ideas to easy-to-clean options, here are a few ideas to keep students moving in your classroom!

DIY Ideas

The possibilities are endless here, although stifled due to sanitary guidelines. Here are a couple ideas we recommend due to their accessibility and cleanability.

  • Yoga Mat – use this as a tool to help you create a barrier for students as the students sit in the middle
  • Clipboard – a great alternative for a lap desk.
  • Laundry Basket – these are great for smaller students, give them the ability to use it how they choose.
  • Inflatable Pool Toys – easy to clean and fun, if you have space.

Plastic Active Seating

If the use of active seating is still an option for you and your district, Moving Minds has a great collection of hard plastic seating that is easily sanitized. Here are a few of our favorites:

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