Everyone is familiar with the CDC’s message about sitting for too long during the day. If not, the message is simple: sitting is the new smoking. If we look at the history of schools, they make it their mission to tackle challenges related to health. But today, we are stalled out on the CDC’s newest call to arms because tradition, inertia, and old momentum seem to be getting in the way.

So, why should you invest in standing desk as furniture options for your students or school? Here are just a few of the many reasons!

Increase blood flow to the brain

Standing desks reinforce movement and increased blood circulation. This increase in blood flow helps to circulate oxygen to the brain, allowing for neurogenesis (the creation of neurons- brain pathways) to take place, creating information super-highways that allow for increased information intake and retention.

Burn more calories

The CDC said that in 2017, almost 14 million children were considered obese. By providing a standing desk in classrooms and workspaces, we can provide a simple and effective means to burn up to 15% more calories during the day. Increased caloric burn can help with weight gain and obesity, not to mention the secondary health impacts of those ailments, like diabetes and heart issues.

Create better posture

People were never meant to sit in one place for long periods of time. In a review of our history, people were foragers, sometimes logging 10-15 miles each day. The body was meant to be upright and moving. Standing allows for people to find a natural posture that takes stressors off joints like the hips and knees, as well as allows for a reduction in tension in the neck and shoulders. Eliminating these stressors can allow the brain to focus on tasks in front of the person rather than pain and discomfort.

Helps to improve mood and energy levels

The increase in blood flow to the brain is also a great stimulant of the creation of neurotransmitters like serotonin in the body. Serotonin is essential for information intake and mood.

Creates opportunities for collaborative learning

Standing desks can be set up and organized in a manner that creates more opportunities for students to engage with one another. This increase in peer-to-peer learning is essential as our students advance into higher levels of education. Peer-to-peer engagement is great for problem-solving and critical thinking, skills highly valued both inside and outside of education. This is a secondary but essential perk of all active classrooms.

Standing Desk Solutions for your School or Classroom:

  1. Adjustable Deluxe Standing Desk
  2. Fold’N Store Desk
  3. Adjustable Tabletop Desk

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