We’ve created a resource of daily brain breaks that you can do at home! Feel free to switch around the days to best suit your schedule, or put your own twist on the brain breaks. You can find more daily brain breaks here:



A great way to participate in #MindfulnessMonday is to learn some new yoga poses. Here are a couple beginner poses to start with:

Downward Facing Dog

  • Begin on hands and knees
  • Inhale, straighten legs
  • Bend at hips and lift upward
  • Relax head between arms
  • Press heels to floor
  • Hold for 3-4 breaths
  • Exhale
  • Lower body to floor

Hip Raise

  • Sit on heels with arms at sides
  • Inhale, open arms to side and raise them overhead while raising hips to a kneeling position
  • Hold for 3-4 breaths
  • Exhale, lower arms, and lower hips to heels

If you would like to learn and teach more yoga poses, download these helpful lessons from Achieve PE:


Sports Movements

Instruct your child to mimic various sports movements for 15 seconds. Serve tennis balls, bump volleyballs, block a jump shot, catch footballs… the possibilities are endless!


Movement Stations

Make signs designating 3 movement stations. You can do all the stations throughout the day, or do one station per day!

Here’s an example of what your movements stations could look like:

Station 1 – Hold a wall sit for as long as you can.

Station 2 – Hold a plank position for as long as you can.

Station 3 – Do 20 jumping jacks.


Build a Fort

Build a reading fort out of blankets, boxes, pillows or whatever objects you can find around the house. This is a perfect activity to bring to your backyard if the weather is nice!


Alphabet Hide & Seek

Write each letter of the alphabet on individual sticky notes and place them on the floor in a specified room or area. Then, have your child run to each letter. There are many variations you can do this:

  • Run in ABC
  • Give the sound of the letter
  • Give a word that starts with that letter
  • Call out a letter you want them to run to

If the weather permits, you can easily do this outside with some chalk! Another variation of this activity would be to give your child a piece of chalk and write a word next to the letter they run to.