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Classroom Movement: How to Increase Activity Throughout the School Day

It is recommended that school-aged children and adolescents participate in at least 60 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity. For instance, at the intensity of a brisk walk or more. In order to achieve health-benefits, they should do this each day. The Challenge Schools have been tasked with contributing at least 30 minutes of that recommendation [...]

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Teachers Need to MOVE Too! 5 Tips to Stay Active During the School Day

Most blogs on this site focus on ways to get students up and moving. While increasing activity in the classroom does engage minds and promote learning, it’s also important that I remind myself to MOVE! Let’s be honest, teachers need movement too! Small amounts of movement spread throughout the day helps give me little bursts [...]

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Dynamic Classrooms on College Campuses

When most of us hear about an “active learning classroom”, we envision students engaged in physical activity as a means of recharging their brains or as a novel strategy for teaching an academic concept. But what about at the post-secondary level? Ever thought of that?
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A Teacher’s Perspective: Adding Flexible Seating in the Classroom

One trend in education that is taking the world (or schools) by storm is flexible seating and kinesthetic classrooms. This is a new trend that teachers of the past had not tried before, and it is one that will stick. I have taught in a kinesthetic classroom for the past 3 years and honestly, I never plan to go back.
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Maintaining Student Behavior in an Active Classroom

Classroom teachers typically do not receive training in managing students in an active setting. This can be intimidating! Thoughts of students running everywhere haphazardly and their voice levels becoming uncontrollable make me cringe! But don’t fear… using physical activity behavior management strategies can not only help “keep the peace” as the kids move, but it [...]

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Active Classroom Layouts and Games for Limited Space

One of the major drawbacks to classroom teachers incorporating movement into their daily schedule is space. They typically have a small area filled with desks or tables with little open sections for students to move freely. Here are two options for teachers to try to overcome this barrier: 1. Use activities that can be done [...]

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