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For 12 years she taught Special Education, Physical Education, and Health Education at Southern Middle school. At Southern, Angela is most proud of her efforts to ensure a quality physical education program while spearheading efforts to create a healthier school environment. As a result of these efforts, the school was awarded the Healthy Schools Program Bronze Level National award.  In 2015, Stark moved to the School of Creative and Performing Arts (SCAPA) where she teaches health and physical education to students in 4th to 8th grade.  While at SCAPA, she has built the wellness program through grants, fundraisers, strengthening the wellness policy, and weaving wellness throughout the entire school. In 2018, SCAPA was also awarded the Healthy Schools Program Bronze Level National award. In 2016, she earned the KAHPERD Secondary Physical Education Teacher of the Year and Distinguished Service Award and went on to win Southern District Middle School PE Teacher of the year 2017-2018.

How Can Active Seating Play a Role in Helping Struggling Learners?

Active seating can have a huge impact on struggling learners. Most of the time students are expected to sit in traditional seats and often you hear a teacher ask students to sit still as they wiggle in their seats. They are wiggling because they need movement to learn their best. We are expecting that all [...]

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The Role of Active Seating From Students’ & Teachers’ Perspective

It can be a hard adjustment for students going back to the classroom after distanced learning for so long, especially if your classroom is set up for sedentariness. Have you ever wondered what your students thought and felt about their learning environment? Angela Stark, a Health and PE teacher, asked her students how they’re feeling about [...]

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“From Where I Sit”

As many schools are beginning to reopen to in-person learning, the discussion is happening that we need to minimize movement and transitions for our students. It is understandable, however, more than ever our students need to move for physical, mental and emotional health.  From where I sit, as educators we can be creative in how kids move and [...]

Keeping Kids Moving During Remote Learning

More than ever kids are sitting during instruction due to remote learning. Keeping kids moving  is critical during this time to help with learning recovery. Use these tips to keep your students engaged and moving. During Remote Lessons  SmartSeat Stools Start and/or end class with a quick brain energizer Have students stand during instruction Encourage your students to move during the class while watching the computer Teach [...]

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Importance of Physical Activity While Working from Home

Working from home presents many challenges for teachers and parents. We are in unchartered waters of trying to continue to work while helping our kids continue to learn and complete school assignments. None of this is easy! While teachers are at home with their own kids, it’s still important to incorporate physical activity throughout the [...]

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SaddlED – An Active Desk Chair Students Love!

I have wanted to create an active classroom for my health students for YEARS! Finally, I can make this dream a reality and included a SaddlED Active Desk Chair. My students loved using this chair, and at times they battle over who got to use it. Of course, I had to come up with a [...]

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Engaging Peers to Bring Physical Activity to the Classroom

Most classroom teachers don’t know the research surrounding how activity, such as Brain Energizers, can increase student achievement, improve behavior, and improve focus. I feel it’s our job to teach our peers the importance as well as how to implement these practices. There are so many ways to do this for our peers: Ask your [...]

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