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Matt Levine is the Brand Manager for Moving Minds. He holds an Master of Education, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies from Iowa State University and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Drake University. Matt came to Moving Minds in 2018 after working in higher education for more than 10 years, serving time in student life and activities and leadership development programming. When Matt is home and not chasing his two kids Ellie and Will around the yard (who are typically chasing their dog Ruxin around the yard), he enjoys cooking with his wife Anne, and embracing the outdoor activities that Minnesota offers!

5 Predictions to Prepare for the Uncertainty of Our New Reality

My five-year-old is supposed to start kindergarten next year. As we prepare for school next fall, we have so many questions about our new reality, and we are working to educate our little scholar about what she might expect. COVID-19 has added some new challenges. Kindergarten prep events are canceled. Classroom visits are canceled. We [...]

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Why Learning is Better Outdoors

Citizens of Minnesota, where Moving Minds is headquartered, have been spending a lot more time in indoors than usual. School is canceled. Gymnastics is suspended. Dance classes are scrapped. Music lessons are postponed. It is completely normal to start to feel a bit “stuck.” But, as we embrace our new reality, it is a great [...]

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5 Steps to Facilitate Our Students’ Growth During Challenging Times

Well, here we are. It is 8:30am on a Wednesday morning and I am sitting in my home “office” looking out a window listening to my kids racing through our home at an unprecedented speed. I am pretty sure my two-year-old just set a land speed record. These next few days, weeks—or dare I say [...]

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How to Measure Results and Show the Impact of a Kinesthetic Classroom

Today, I am a brand manager. But, not so long ago, I worked in an education space. I think I still speak the language. I understand what drives change. Not surprisingly, the non-education world works about the same. Impact has to be measured and communicated so that people feel confident about the work we are [...]

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Kicking Off 2020

Moving Minds was founded in 2015 to bridge the gap in the niche of active classrooms, flexible seating, kinesthetic learning—whatever you’d like to call it. And, as we kick off 2020, we are excited to still be the brand that thrives in the niche of active classrooms. Each day, our team comes to work to [...]

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The Kinesthetic Classroom is a Movement Miracle

Tis the season, advocates for active learning! We are in the time when things seemingly start to force us to make decisions about what to cut out because we have simply run out of time. There is never enough time to get it all in before holiday travels (or holiday mentalities), just consumer households and [...]

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How Kore Wobble Chairs Can Benefit Your Classroom

I had breakfast the other day with Jon Elmaleh, the creator of the Kore Wobble Chair. We were at an event dedicated to educational spaces and furniture where we spent four days talking to manufacturers, dealers, and most importantly… educators. On the second to last day, we sat down over eggs and hash browns to [...]

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Finding Grants to Support Your Active Classroom

I had a colleague that once said that the best way to solve problems was with creative writing.Matt Levine, Brand Manager Money does not grow on trees—because it is mostly cotton and linen, and cotton only grows into a tree if left unharvested. And since money is made, that means cotton was harvested, and you [...]

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