Engaging minds through physical activity


Secondary Movement Breaks

Movement is for Adolescents Too! It’s important not to leave out the population who may need activity the most—adolescents. While movement breaks in elementary school have been embraced, they are not quite a “staple” at the secondary level. If you are a secondary teacher, you may cringe at the thought of leading a group of [...]

Moving in the Classroom—What Students Say!

When it comes to understanding teachers’ perceptions of movement in the classroom, the research is clear. Teachers understand the value of physical activity for kids and are generally supportive of creating more active classrooms for their students (McMullen, Martin, Jones, & Murtagh, 2016; Michael et al., 2019). Though, this is not surprising given the well [...]

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Using Classroom Physical Activity to Help Students with Mental Health and Anxiety

You hear tear-jerking stories of your students’ home lives all the time. One is being raised by grandparents who are barely healthy enough to walk because they have no health insurance. Another slept on the floor with her four younger siblings last night. Two had no dinner last night, so their last full, healthy meal [...]

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How Classroom Activity Improves Behavior and Test Scores

The first question I am asked when I present information on active seating and active classrooms is: Does it work? After teaching in a kinesthetic classroom and working at a school with four active classrooms, the answer is yes. In our school, it has shown to improve student behavior, grades, and test scores while keeping kids moving and happy.

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Activities to Help Build Relationships in the Classroom

Starting off the school year with cooperative activities is an excellent way to have students learn about each other and teach them how to work well together and for each other. This blog includes a few classroom activity ideas to get your student's wiggles out and ideas to build teacher student relationships.

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Including Students in Physical Activity Promotion

It is often said that schools should be a place to teach respect and responsibility to students (Lickert, 1991). While young children are strongly influenced by teachers, as they age, peers become more important especially when it comes to classroom physical activity and motivation (Salvy et al., 2009). When we incorporate the notion of friends [...]

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